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A B2B service for group benefit advisors, delivering optimal rating solutions and analytics for their renewals, marketings, and ASO accounts.

About SimbiO Analytics

SimbiO Analytics draws upon two decades of delivering top shelf group insurance analysis for advisors, carriers, and consultants. We apply Fortune 500 predictive analytics techniques to find rating solutions that harmonize client, advisor, and carrier financial objectives.

The B2B approach allows SimbiO Analytics to provide leading edge analysis, illustrations, and recommendations for advisors on group insurance placements. Without long term financial commitments associated with in house analysts. On demand when you need it, in reserve when you don’t.

What’s the name all about?

At the core, it is about symbiotic relationships. Carriers, clients, and advisors all have a common interest in finding solutions that harmonize financial objectives for each party. But negotiations can sometimes resemble a game of blind man’s bluff, where each party seeks to secure an optimal result, without seeing how these interests affect the other partners.

SimbiO Analytics is focused on finding empirically optimal solutions, where client, advisor, and carrier specific financial targets are met at a common point that works for all. An eye opening approach, in place of blind man’s bluff.

simbio analytics

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