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How it works

By accessing the SimbiO portal, all documents, illustrations, correspondence, and workflow progress indicators are in one secure place. No more emailing sensitive demographic information, as your client portal will be the confidential source for your renewal and marketing illustrations.

SimbiO Analytics

A B2B consulting firm that provides group insurance advisors with class leading predictive analytics services on renewal, marketing, and ASO placements.

1. Create a client portal

Your project unfolds for you in our exclusive project management system. Each of your renewal, marketing, and ASO illustrations can be kept within the SimbiO portal, which allows for a central location to track all correspondence, attachments, and demographic summaries. You get to see the development of the illustrations from start to finish, and you can provide your own input as the work progresses to completion. Progress indicators are provided to give you status updates on the workflow stage, and the completed exhibits are available to download in a PDF file from your project area.

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2. Upload your files

Most renewal, marketing, and ASO reconciliations and analyses require a dizzying variety of reports, demographic listings, correspondence, and attachments. Keeping it all in one place is easy within your client portal. Just upload the attachments to the secure portal, and all documents are within reach, without having to keep track of email submissions. All SimbiO Analytics illustrations, data sheets, client memos, and internal reviews are kept handy within the SimbiO portal for access anytime, anywhere.

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3. Review with SimbiO Analytics

Within the SimbiO portal is a built in messaging system, which enables you to communicate securely with SimbiO Analytics on the status of your project, without having to track emails or texts. The client portal keeps all communication, attachments, and illustrations in one place, and also includes a progress indicator such that you can see the workflow completion status of your project. Feedback can be provided within the client portal, with all document updates and iterations likewise accessible on demand .

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4. Download your final files

Once the project has been completed, final versions are available for download from the SimbiO portal. Keep track of alternate illustrations, interim review reports, client memos, and ASO reconciliations as they unfold, along with all correspondence from start to finish. When it comes time to review next year’s renewal, quarterly review, or interim ASO reconciliation, all key documents will be in a secure place for comparison against prior period reports.

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simbio analytics

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